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An Unsealed Indictment: How American Slavery Violated the Scriptures

A Podcast introducing the Book


An interview with Marcus Overstreet introducing the book. We review the book and I explain why I wrote the book.

400th Anniversary - 1619-2019


 This book is titled An Unsealed Indictment because the biblical argument against American slavery has always been there, only to be revealed in this, the 400th year since the first Africans arrived on Virginia’s shores in 1619.

About the Author


Dr. Richard Rodriguez earned a Ph.D. with distinction in U.S. History from Florida International University (FIU). He is a social studies teacher for Miami-Dade Public Schools and an adjunct lecturer at FIU.

American Slavery & the Bible

This sermon previews the contents of An Unsealed Indictment: How American Slavery Violated the Scriptures.

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